Suffolk County Mosquito Control 

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Mission Statement
The Suffolk County Mosquito Commission (the Commission) represents the interests of Boston, Chelsea, and their residents in providing guidance and oversight to the Suffolk County Mosquito Control Project (the Project). The Commission strives to ensure that the member communities receive services that are consistent with applicable law and justified by the tenets of public health, vector control, environmental safety and fiscal responsibility. Integrated mosquito management services provided by the Project and approved by the Commission will be based on the State's Generic Environmental Impact Report on Mosquito Control in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Arbovirus Surveillance and Response Plan and the policies of the State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board.  The Project's integrated mosquito management plan will consist of mosquito surveillance, larval mosquito control of wetlands and catch basins, adult mosquito control, wetlands management/ ditch maintenance and public education. 

Meeting Schedule



A joint meeting of the Suffolk County Mosquito Control Commission and the Executive Committee of the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Commission has been scheduled for February 1, 2017 at 1 PM in room 119 of the Hinton State Laboratory Institute located at 305 South St. in Jamaica Plain.


Topics to be discussed: Update on Project activities, budgets and issues.  Report on a 5-year Development Plan for the East Middlesex & Suffolk County Mosquito Control Projects.  Consideration of specifications for a headquarters building.  Review of an updated job description for the Superintendent.  Review of a job description for a Field Technician's position.

Spray Schedule (spray hours are from dusk until 11:30 PM)
None at this time.